Old Conemaugh Boro Main Line Replacement Project

The Greater Johnstown Water Authority will be starting a water main line replacement today March 9th.  This project will involve Coal St. and Steel St., the duration of the job will be several weeks.  We will try our best to keep any interruption to the water in that area to a minimum.  Once the main is in the ground we will be making tests to the main, after the tests are complete and there are no problems we will proceed by changing over the services to the new main and connecting new water main with the existing water main.  At this time there will be some interruption with the water, it will be off and on for periods of time.  You may experience air, cloudy, and discolored water.  If you run your water for a short period of time this will get rid of any air, cloudiness, and discolored in the water. 

If there are any questions or concerns please contact The GJWA Office at 814-5334300

Thank you for your patience.

Affected Area: 

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Status Update (chronological): 

Main Line Crew is connecting 2 streets. Chapin St and Catherine St. The water will be temporary shut off during this time. They will start with Chapin St first on 5-13 and finish with Catherine St that night or possibly the next day if something were to go wrong.
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