Anticipated Sewer Work Week of June 6, 2022

Included below are the anticipated sewer line work areas for the week of 6/6/2022, weather permitting. 


Greater Johnstown Water Authority

Old Conemaugh Borough (Liberoni, Contract 2018-01)

Final base repair and patch paving will be taking place in Hornerstown on the following streets: McMillen, Fronheiser, and Sparrow and in Old Conemaugh: Chapin, Osprey, Coal, Steel, Lucas, Hill, and Somerset.  Please expect road closures in Hornerstown & Old Conemaugh during paving on a block by block basis.


Central Business District (Snyder, Contract 2019-27)

  • A crew will be working on open cut laterals on Washington St. near Walnut as well as on Lincoln near Franklin St.
  • A CIPP lateral crew will be onsite on Lincoln St. as well as Washington St. on Monday and Thursday
  • A mainline rehabilitation crew will be working on Main St. from Bedford to Franklin on Tuesday
  • Expect one lane closures or minimal traffic disruptions throughout these processes


Miscellaneous Sanitary Sewer Project (Snyder, Contract 2022-01S)

An open cut lateral crew will be working in Woodvale continuing on Figg Street and then moving to the Roxbury section of the project.  A CIPP lateral crew will be working on Cooper Avenue on Tuesday & Wednesday.  A mainline rehabilitation crew will also be working in the Luxor Gardens area on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Kegg Ave, Emilio, Heeny, and the Kegg Ave. right-of-way.  Expect minimal traffic disruptions during lateral installation and camera operations. 


Johnstown Redevelopment Authority

Fairfield Ave. (Terra Works, JRA Contract 2018-INT-01)

Final Paving of Fairfield Ave. from Strayer St. to Marbury Ave. will begin on June 6th and is expected to take approximately 2 weeks.  Expect a detour to be in place during final mill and overlay.  A schedule for the lower section of Fairfield Ave. final mill and overlay will be released in a couple weeks.


City of Johnstown

Fairfield Ave. (Terra Works, COJ Storm Contract)

Terra Works will be continuing inlet and side road tie ins along Fairfield Ave. below J St. to Virginia Ave.  Expect one lane closures to occur on Fairfield Ave. throughout the week.