Anticipated Sewer Work Week of June 13, 2022

Included below are the anticipated sewer line work areas for the week of 6/13/2022, weather permitting. 


Greater Johnstown Water Authority

Old Conemaugh Borough (Liberoni, Contract 2018-01)

No work is anticipated.


Central Business District (Snyder, Contract 2019-27)

  • A crew will be working on open cut laterals on Walnut St., Locust St., and Johns St. throughout the week
  • A CIPP lateral crew will be onsite on the 400 block of Main St.
  • A concrete crew and paving crew will be onsite throughout the project area working on final restoration prior to Thunder
  • Expect one lane closures or minimal traffic disruptions throughout these processes


Miscellaneous Sanitary Sewer Project (Snyder, Contract 2022-01S)

An open cut lateral crew will be working in the Roxbury neighborhood.  A CIPP lateral crew will be working on Cooper Avenue on 24 and 62/64 Cooper Ave.  A mainline rehabilitation crew will also be working in the Luxor Gardens area on Monday & Tuesday on the Heeny right-of-way and on Wednesday & Thursday on Iron St.  Expect minimal traffic disruptions during lateral installation and camera operations. 


Johnstown Redevelopment Authority

Fairfield Ave. (Terra Works, JRA Contract 2018-INT-01)

Final Paving of Fairfield Ave. from Virginia Ave. to Strayer St. is anticipated to begin in the coming weeks, a more detailed description will follow in upcoming Friday emails.


City of Johnstown

Fairfield Ave. (Terra Works, COJ Storm Contract)

Terra Works will be continuing inlet and side road tie ins along Fairfield Ave. below J St. to Virginia Ave.  Terra Works will also be working on final base repair along Fairfield Ave. between Virginia Ave. and Strayer St.  Expect one lane closures to occur on Fairfield Ave. throughout the week.