Anticipated Sewer Work Week of 7/25/2022

Greater Johnstown Water Authority

Old Conemaugh Borough (Liberoni, Contract 2018-01)

No work is anticipated.


Central Business District (Snyder, Contract 2019-27)

  • A crew will be working on open cut main line on Bedford St. near Main St. and then moving to the 500 block of Main St.  A detour will be in place during this work sequence on Bedford St.
  • A mainline rehabilitation crew will be on Main St. working on CUEs lock installation near Walnut St. and then on the 100 block of Main St.
  • A concrete crew will be onsite throughout the project area working on final restoration
  • A paving crew will be on Bedford St. to make base repairs on the open cut work completed last week.
  • Expect one lane closures or minimal traffic disruptions throughout these processes unless otherwise noted.


Miscellaneous Sanitary Sewer Project (Snyder, Contract 2022-01S)

An open cut lateral crew will be working in the Hornerstown neighborhood.  Expect minimal traffic disruptions during lateral installation. 


Johnstown Redevelopment Authority

Fairfield Ave. (Terra Works, JRA Contract 2018-INT-01)

No work is anticipated.


City of Johnstown

Fairfield Ave. (Terra Works, COJ Storm Contract)

No work is anticipated.